I can't even tell you how much I fell in love with Burano. When I was planning my trip to Italy, I knew that I most definitely needed to come here. After seeing so many dreamy photos on Pinterest, I wanted to see this colorful island with my own eyes. At first, I didn't know the difference between Burano and Murano. When I Google'd Murano, many of the images were of the different colored houses and I was confused. I initially thought Murano and Burano were both filled with rainbow homes, so I was going to actually skip Burano since it's much further away! I'm so glad I did more research because Burano has all the colored houses and Murano doesn't. Whew!

Burano was so charming and magical. I felt like I was in a fairytale storybook, as corny as it sounds. If I ever plan to go back to Italy, I definitely want to visit again. A quick tip for those who want to go and take pictures: get there early before the crowds! We got there around 8:45 am and there was no one there.