Hey heyy. How cute is this shirt?? I think it's sold out on ASOS, but a different color came out which is available in ALL SIZES! Link is below so go get one before they're sold out again! YAY #GirlPower
I love ruffles & lace so this was the perfect skirt.. plus its PINK!! Hehe, all my favorite things in one piece. Also, I have to admit that this skirt is super comfortable!! I'm usually uncomfortable in skirts because it's always tight around my belly area, but this had enough stretch to it where it didn't feel like it was pinching me! So if you have the same concerns with your belly, then no worries! 

If you haven't noticed by now, I love quirky bags that are usually in the form of food haha. I always get compliments when I wear this bag out. This was purchased on Modcloth, but they're sold out of it. But fear not, I found a VERY similar one! Also, there are other adorable ice cream bags which I listed below. 


I am soooo tired because I've been working so much more than usual due to my co-worker being on a sudden leave. I've been covering most of her hours so all I do lately is wake up, go to work, sleep, and repeat! *yawn*

I've been also working hard on getting back on track to losing all the weight I recently gained. Watch the video if you missed it! I'll be checking in next week, so talk to you then!!! Hugs*