Dec 5, 2017

Struggle of Finding Clothes After Weight Gain

When I lost 50+ lbs, I got rid of all my "fat clothes" because I was sure that I was never going to need them again. Now I wish I had saved them. I'm reminded again of how hard it is to find clothes (that I actually like) in my size. It's not just finding the right size, but it's finding things that are also somewhat flattering to my figure. But it's okay! It is what it is and I'm trying to work with what I have. I'm not sure if anyone else can relate, but whenever I wear a shirt and pants I feel kind of sloppy. I can't pinpoint why... but I feel like I don't really look as put together as I would like. Maybe because my body is so disproportionate that it's hard to find pants that fit me. This blazer is super comfortable and I feel like it completes my outfit and makes me look more polished than having just worn the shirt and pants.

I finally shared my reverse transformation photo on Insta-story and I was SO touched by all the support and messages that I received. THANK YOU!!!!! *hugs* 

 Now I'm onto searching for the next outfit.... stay tuned!!! ^_^ 

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