Jun 3, 2018

and 6 months later...

Hey guyssssss. Wow, okay.. so I can't believe it's already June. I just got back from Tulum and it was a completely different experience than the last two times I was there. There was a massive seaweed invasion and it was a huge disappointment, but I'll write another post recapping my trip. Today I wanted to share with you the most comfortable piece of clothing I currently own.

Summer is a miserable summer for me because I'm a sweaty beast all day and all night. I also don't feel comfortable in anything I wear, so I end up wearing black leggings, a loose t-shirt, and a cardigan. EW!

I was determined to find some clothes to wear in Mexico, because it's ridiculous to be wearing black leggings and a CARDIGAN in MEXICO. I was browsing through Target's plus section and when I first saw this jumpsuit, I thought it would probably be super unflattering. I also wasn't sure how it would fit my larger belly, because rompers look awful on me. I was soooo pleasantly surprised by how COMFORTABLE this was!! Not only was it comfortable, but it also FIT ME REALLY WELL!! I was so afraid of it either being too tight around my stomach, or it being way too loose that it would make me look even bigger. BUT THIS WAS PERFECT! I love the look of dresses, but I hate wearing them because of my thighs chafing. I wish there were more colors/designs because I would buy them all and wear it all summer long.

Size Reference:
I am 5'2" and weigh 187-190 lbs and wearing a size X


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